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Head office

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SEO specialist

With our awesome Our Team item you can create anything you want. You can place social icons or emails on image, use any icons, choose if you want to show name/surname with occupation or none of them, place telephone number for each team person, choose different sizes and much more…

You can add this item using our easy to use Content Builder:


or you can add it using below shortcode:

[our_team image="http://#" title="" subtitle="" email="" facebook="" twitter="" linkedin=""]

  • image – link to the image
  • title (optional) – title for our team item, ex. Nick Everdeen or Karen McKenzie
  • subtitle (optional) – subtitle for our team item, ex. Head office or
  • email (optional) – email address for our team item
  • facebook (optional) – link to facebook profile
  • twitter (optional) – link to twitter profile
  • linkedin (optional) – link to linkedIn profile
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